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Why Outsource Development - The Pros

In order to launch and run the right digital product, that serves users and brings in money, startups and businesses need at least three teams: the hackers, the hustlers and the jacks of all trades.

Who are they?

The Hackers are the savvy developers and UI/UX-ers, working on creating beautiful and functional products.

The Hustlers are the growth hacking marketers and scrappy sales people who get your product in the hands of customers, bring in revenue and much needed feedback on how to improve the product.

And the Jacks of All Trades are the ones who keep the house down – they handle the daily operations, are on top of finances and accounting and make sure the right business processes are in place.

Any business set for growth needs these teams running smoothly and in close collaboration. But having all these people on deck can be costly, in more than one way.

1. You need a substantial cash flow in order to sustain all overhead and staffing costs:  pay salaries, health expenses, bonuses, taxes, and office space.

2. Onboarding new people onto the team takes time, effort once they are hired. And even more time, effort and money to find them in the first place.  

3. And finding the right person to join your team on the first go might not happen. And you’ll have to spend money and time and subsequent hires and employee retention strategies.

These 3 reasons cover a few of the most important values of an entrepreneur:

·       time

·       money

·       efficiency

One way to ensure access to all the needed roles, without the hassle of building an entire team from the ground up is outsourcing. Following are three main reasons why outsourcing can be a good strategy for your company and your growth path.

You have access to a relevant set of skills

Finding the right people, with the right set of skills can sometimes feel like looking for unicorns. Try to do that in a hot market, where certain skills are in high demand and you find yourself in hotter water. So instead of wasting resources going after full stack developers, or spending lots of time with little return on value training junior people, hiring a development partner might be the right choice for you. Access a pool of developers with the skills you need. Without having to take on the cost of recruitment, training, employment and retention. All that is handled by the outsourcing company.

Control over costs

You get the right need needed for the job and also price and time estimation. You negotiate in advance the cost of development, and choosing from partners in countries such as Romania gives you access to accessible rates. And you get a great value per money invested.

Setting and monitoring KPIs ensures a path to a successful collaboration.

Flexibility in the collaboration

Outsourcing development does not mean letting go of controlover this part of the business. But it does mean having an experienced partner there for you. Working as partners gives you an extra set of brains working to make your product a success. Any new roles you might need you can find within the outsourcing partner. Adding a new team member with the needed set of skills, or restructuring of the entire team can be done at a moment’s notice.


At We As Web we strongly believe in the power of collaboration. With the fierce competition the tech field is seeing, access tocross-functional teams can mean success or failure. Outsourcing your product development with us gives you access to a large pool of developers, UI/UX designers and project managers that can make your product a success.

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