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A Startup’s challenge in finding a reliable tech partner

Congrats for your new business! We are happy that you decided not to burn out completely and you want to find partners to support you in this journey.

Although you will find lots of advice on how you should choose the people to work with, it’s really important to analyse yourself and your business needs first.

It’s a good plan for saving energy for the future and actually it is a good base for making better choices. How hard it is finding reliable people depends on your previous experience. You should question yourself this:

1. Are you new in this branch? If yes, you should ask for an educated help – maybe family or a friend - before throwing your money away on a team to work with that you know nothing about – more than their promises.

2. Have you worked in a company before? Try to remember how things worked there and for the beginning, apply the same management in your own yard.

3. How do you and your co-workers get along? Overthink about your relationship and try to remember why it didn’t work out/why it worked out so well on a project with one of your co-workers. This will help you to “feel” the people with the right behavior along with whom you will generate the best results.

4. What do you need? You want someone with all the knowhow, setting the direction and for you to leave a free hand, or do you need someone that would listen to you regarding the matters?

5. What is your budget? Do you afford to hire someone full time, or do you better collaborate with freelancers?

6. Do you need one person or do you need an entire team?

7. You have just started, do you trust to provide long term work for the people you want to engage in your project? This will set the number of people you actually need in the next future and to make a clear contract so you can be trusted.

Assuming you have these answers, the next step is to think where you should search for this perfect and reliable co-worker. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Try online and hire a project based partner

There are different apps or websites to use if you want to hire a partner – even if this partner is an entire team. If you don’t have your work layout well established, maybe you should hire project based teams until you develop a stable plan. If you go for this option – you should consider a few facts:

·        Look for reviews – testimonials – there are a few indicators that show you if they are trustworthy. You don’t want to go with the weakest noted team, but too perfect doesn’t exist;

·        Try to contact former companies they worked with;

·        Ask for portfolio;

·        Maybe book a zoom meeting – face to face it’s better if trust it’s what you’re looking for.

  1. Hire new people

When you will be a pro and you’ll know your business needs, maybe you should search for students and hire them. Go to schools, talk with teachers and search for that golden boy or girl who has it in it’s blood. This is good opportunity for skilled young people to get hired and trained and also for you – you will get to establish the mindset from the beginning and gather a long term team to rely on.

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