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Team augmentation is the new trend

How do you feel about staff augmentation on your new project?

Let’s put it this way – you have the opportunity to work on a big project, but you lack the resources. There is not enough time to hire – and even if you would actually find let’s say, three good people, it would take time to train them to do that particular job. And what after the project is over?

Yes, you can always dig for bigger contracts – but what if the next job needs some professional skills in another field? How would you feel about having a remote team to hire only when you need it?

This is possible, and the term for it is IT staff augmentation. There are many companies specialized in the area that can offer contracts with people or entire teams for you to remotely work with for a period of time. And the main benefits of this feature are:

Financial resources

·        You know your budget and you can find a team to fit in it;

·        Choose to collaborate with remote teams instead of hire and reduce taxes and other administrative and organizational expenses (workspace, utilities);

·        You have fixed costs;

·        Paying less is an option if you outsource in offshore regions;

·        Gain more money by doing the job faster.


·        Hiring professionals in a matter of days – exactly the experts that you need;

·        Saving the time of training new people;

·        Allow your own team to do their best by externalize a part of the project – get it done faster;

·        Compete with bigger companies and get hired for complex projects.

Focused Support

·        Outsource to a specific trained team to nail the task;

·        Choose the team specialized in the area;

·        Hire qualified people with experience to fit your need;

·        Destress by knowing you will have that part of the project out of your head – in the hands of professionals.

Find reliable companies to help you with outsourcing on your IT softwear development projects and keep it close to you, because it will help at your business growth,  improvement of your work, saving money and gaining more time and quality!

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