We as Web study on the trust in IT

"In a year with a less predictable macroeconomic context, we wanted to test the confidence of Romanians in the IT services developed in our country, by teams of Romanians. The results show us not only that there is trust, but also that locally developed services are constantly used. For instance, Romanian smartphone applications are accessed daily by four out of 10 Romanians, and another 30% use them 2-3 times, every week. Moreover, 91% of them even believe that the public administration would be more efficient if they used Romanian IT services", declares Gabriel Zahan, CEO, We as Web (in opening picture).

51% of respondents believe that Romanian teams develop IT applications very well, almost 40% say that the developments are good, and less than 2% believe that locally developed applications are weak and very weak. Over 82% of respondents believe that Romanian start-ups in the IT field are efficient and very efficient, while less than 3% of them consider them poorly efficient or ineffective.

The studied sample reproduces, from the main characteristics point of view, the socio-demographic structure of the population of Internet users in Romania, aged over 18, in the large urban environment. The survey was conducted between November 10-17, 2022. 51.1% of respondents are men, the predominant age group is 35-45 years old, with 28.7%, and 44% of those who responded to the study graduated from college or have completed their university studies.

Currently, We As Web is present in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Craiova, Brașov, Iasi, Timișoara and Chisinau. We as Web provides services to companies in Romania, Germany, Ireland, France, Austria, Great Britain and the USA. We as Web was founded five years ago, as a product company, and since 2021, the activity has focused on providing outsourcing services in software development, which include team and staff augmentation.

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