Team augmentatie en project outsourcing diensten die
elke behoefte kan dekken.

We are the bridge between your vision and reality

Onze kernwaarden zijn vertrouwen en verantwoordelijkheid, gebaseerd op volledige transparantie vanaf de eerste dag. Wij bereiken dat door constante communicatie en grondige rapportage en feedback bij elke stap van het proces.
Laten we uw idee opbouwen

Ons ontwikkelingsproces


De eerste fase begint met het begrijpen van uw eisen en de benodigde functionaliteiten voor uw product. In deze fase leggen we de basis voor onze samenwerking - benodigde tech stack, ontwikkelingsfasen, kosten, deadlines, KPI's. We definiëren samen de reis van uw product van idee tot realiteit, zodat u een volledig beeld krijgt van het werkplan.

Team allocation

The second stage is were we connect your needs with the relevant resources. You’ll get to interview and select the project team. From product design, UI/UX, coding, and testing, or project management, our team can cover all the skills you might need.


This is the stage where the hard work begins. Your extended team integrates into your workflow and gets to work.


Time to roll out the product to your target audience. From MVP to Alpha, Beta, and full roll-out, we will take care of each phase to ensure your product runs smoothly. We also pay close attention to how your target audience interact with your product so we can adapt and update where necessary.

Maintenance and Support

Our goal is not only to meet your needs but exceed them, thus even after your product is successfully lunched we will still offer maintenance and support services. We are one call away for any issues that might arise.
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Our Tech Stack

We go through all development stages leveraging a powerful tech stack








C sharp










Other Technologies

Business Analyst





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