Building a startup alone is hard and VCs will consider you uninvestable.

Hiring a full team on FFF funds is a big financial commitment. Mitigate your start-up risks by working with us as your tech partner building your MVP. 

Our Process to Boost Your Startup

Idea validation 
Is your idea suitable for market launch? Is it technically feasible? We’ll help you get these answers and create an MVP features list needed for launch. 
You want to start off the right way, with a memorable design that makes you stand out. We’ll create your full brandbook (logo, typography, colors), templates for pitch deck presentation, and videos presenting your startup idea.
We’ll combine the MVP feature list with branding elements to create high-fidelity visual representations of user flows. In this stage you’ll get an interactive, clickable prototype.
MVP building 
We’ll help you build a working MVP that the first users can test and offer feedback.
Investor readiness 
Creating the perfect pitch deck is no easy task. Our investor readiness collaborators have helped more than 200 founders prepare to launch their product or raise funds.

What you get and what you have to bring to the table

You bring →
A clear problem your product is trying to solve 
A list of core functionalities 
A clear user persona and their needs 
The market you want to tackle The business model you want to test

← You get
Full brandbook 
Video presentation of your idea 
Roadmap (MVP features list and plan for next development phase)
Interactive prototype users and investors can test 
Working MVP
Pitch deck 
← You get

Have We As Web Boost Your Startup

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