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Text & Video e-learning materials

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Problem to solve

This project was developed for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Romania, which has been operating since 1955 and employs over 1400 people. The company exports its products to various countries, including the United Kingdom, United States, Hungary, Lithuania, Iraq, Yemen, and Vietnam.

To improve sales, they required a training platform for their sales teams. The most significant challenge for the project was to deliver it within a tight schedule.


Within this project, we collaborated with representatives from the beneficiary to analyze the functionalities that needed to be implemented. This was to ensure a seamless integration of the application with the flow of activities and processes in the areas of human resources and sales, as the e-learning and training platform was required to work for both departments, each with different workflows and needs.

The resulting platform delivers video and text lessons, gradually available to trainers as they advance in their training. It also enables online evaluation and provides a personal profile for each trainee to track their performance and knowledge acquisition.

Given the tight schedule, we employed Agile development to allow for fast iteration and short feedback loops from the customer.

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